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Member Handbooks and Forms

All new members will receive a welcome packet that includes a copy of the Member Handbook. You can get a print copy of the Member Handbook at no cost to you.

Call Member Services at 1-877-600-5472; TTY: 711.
We will mail a handbook to you within 5 business days. If you request that we email you the handbook, we will note it in your file. You must approve us to send it to you over email.

Member Handbooks updates effective August 08, 2022. These updates replace the information in your Member Handbook. 

Get information in another language or format. You or your representative can get member materials like this handbook or CCO notices in other languages, large print, Braille or any format you prefer. You will get materials within 5 days of your request. This help is free. Every format has the same information. Examples of member materials are: 

  • This handbook
  • List of covered medications
  • List of providers
  • Letters, like complaint, denial, and appeal notices

Your use of benefits, complaints, appeals, or hearings will not be denied or limited based on your need for another language or format.

You can ask for materials electronically. Fill out the secure contact form on our website at Please let us know which documents you would like emailed to you. You can also call Customer Service at 877-600-5472; TTY: 877-600-5473.