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Quality Management and Improvement Program Description Summary

Trillium Community Health Plan (Trillium) is a company helping people in Lane County and providing health plans in Oregon. Trillium works with many kinds of doctors to help improve the health and well-being of its members.

Trillium supports the Triple Aim:

  • Increase the quality of care
  • Help people in the area have better health
  • Work to lower costs

The Quality Management and Improvement (QMI) Program helps Trillium meet the Triple Aim. The QMI Program sets goals to support Trillium’s work to make the healthcare better. The program checks many healthcare services, including for bodies, minds and teeth. The program also looks for ways to make them better.

What do we want to do?

  • Make sure members get good care
  • Make getting care easier
  • Increase member safety
  • Meet members’ needs with special or complex care
  • Meet members’ needs from different backgrounds

How are we going to achieve these?

  • Gather members’ opinions
  • Look over complaints from members
  • Visit doctors’ offices
  • Set up care for members with special or complex needs
  • Make sure information is available in different ways to members
  • Measure how we are doing at these things

What we did well last year* (2017):

  • The overall services from Trillium
  • The overall health care that members received
  • Customer service, especially with getting helpful information
  • Trillium helped members get the care they needed
  • Helped doctors communicate with members better
  • Help members get annual flu vaccine (and remember that they did it!)
  • Followed-up with members with their medications after they went to the hospital for mental health problems
  • Helped members receive drugs that prevent heart attacks and stroke and stay on the medication plan
  • Helped members get diabetes tests

What we need to focus on to do better this year (2018):

  • Help members’ doctors to provide better care
  • Help members get colorectal cancer screenings
  • Help members with diabetes control their blood sugar
  • Help members get their lungs tested for asthma or other lung diseases
  • Help members see the doctor during pregnancy
  • Help members make sure their bones are safe after they fall

What can you do to help us get better?

  • Have wellness visits every year
  • Understand your health problems and talk about what you want for your health with your doctors
  • Follow your doctors’ and pharmacists’ directions or ask them for another choice
  • Fill out member surveys when you get them. Let us know what you think about the care you received

You can call our Member Services if you want a full copy of our QMI documents. These are documents about our Quality program. They include a Program Description, Work Plan, and Annual Evaluation. You can find our Member Services contact information under CONTACT US on our website

*Based on Trillium 2017 HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) score and CAHPS (Customer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) results

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