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Language Translation Services

Linguava Language Services

In order to provide meaningful language access and further improve health outcomes to all our limited English proficient members, Trillium has partnered with Linguava Interpreters. Linguava specializes in medical interpretation/translation services for hospitals and large health insurance organizations. Trillium covers the cost on language services for all eligible members. Some providers are already accessing language services through Linguava, which our member appreciate. Here is a brief outline of the 4 types of language services they provide and how you can get set up.

Onsite Interpretation: Call Linguava at (503) 265-8515 to request an interpreter, or schedule via the web portal if you already have an account. A trained Linguava interpreter will arrive on time at your requested location and help facilitate communication between the provider and the patient.

Over the Phone Interpretation: Get immediate connection to an interpreter over the phone in more than 300 languages. This works well for same day requests and walk-in appointments while maintaining patient privacy. 

Video Relay Interpretation: Get connected instantaneously with an interpreter via video in more than 22 languages. This is an easy to use platform that is compatible with any computer or smart device with a web cam.

Document Translation: Have your documents translated into virtually any language. From medical history, confidentiality forms to discharge instructions and any information sent to the patient's home, it is the patient's right to have access to all information in their native language.

Contact Linguava at: (503) 265-8515

Download the Linguava Service Guide (PDF)