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Trillium is based right here in your own community. That means we can deliver comprehensive service with greater efficiency and innovation. We handle all the arrangements personally, answer your questions promptly and can help weed out potential problems before they take root. So you and our providers can concentrate on your health, not your paperwork.

View all of our available programs for medical insurance in Oregon below. Select the program you are enrolled with.  This will take you to more information about that program.

If you do not know what program you are enrolled in, contact us. We can help!

Oregon Health Plan

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is a program that pays for low-income Oregonians' healthcare. The State of Oregon and the US Government's Medicaid program pay for it. It covers different groups of services, called benefit packages.

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Trillium Advantage (Medicare)

Trillium Medicare Advantage plans have benefits to keep you healthy and programs to help you manage your health if you have an ongoing condition. We have friendly, professional staff members who are always ready to help you get the most of your benefits and help coordinate the care you might need.

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