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Community Impact Report

We're committed to ensuring our Oregon Health Plan members have access to culturally responsive, integrated healthcare. That’s why Trillium is out in the communities where our members—and our staff—live, work and serve. We’re building partnerships. We’re investing in provider education and training. We’re addressing the social determinants of health, increasing access to food, housing, transportation, wellness programs, and more. And we’re transforming the health of the community, one person at a time.

2022 Community Impact Report (PDF)

2022 Community Impact Report

2022 Community Impact Report Spanish (PDF)

022 Community Impact Report Spanish

In 2022, Trillium invested over $5 million in our local communities through strategic initiatives that increased access to whole person healthcare. This report highlights some of our key partnerships in the areas of community outreach and engagement, social determinants of health, provider network expansion, and county health programs.