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Cultural Competency Training

Effective July 1, 2021, the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) requires cultural competency training for all new medical licenses and for all renewing providers.

Starting in October 2021, per Trillium’s updated policies, providers must demonstrate on initial and renewal application for credentialing that they meet the state requirement by submitting proof of completion of the training in cultural competency.

Many different types of courses and experiences meet the cultural competency continuing education requirement, including experiential or service learning, cultural or linguistic immersion, volunteering in a rural clinic, courses approved by the Oregon Health Authority and more. Below are some resources to help you locate cultural competency continuing education opportunities.

Tracking Hours

For more information about the mandatory requirements for providers, including a record keeping form to track educational hours, visit the Oregon Medical Board Cultural Competency webpage.

Training Opportunities

For a list of cultural competency trainings approved by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), visit OHA-Approved Cultural Competence Continuing Education Trainings (PDF)

For questions regarding the cultural competency requirements, email