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Trillium CCO Board of Directors

The Trillium CCO Board provides leadership and governance in the achievement of the Triple Aim: better health, better care and lower cost. Our board members are a diverse group representing every area of healthcare. Trillium board membership goes beyond state requirements, adding more voices to help guide our operations. You can contact the Trillium Board President at:

Behavioral Health

Field or Speciality Board Members
Trillium Community Health Plan Chris Hummer, Board Secretary
Primary Medical Care Springfield Family Physicians: Mark Meyers, MD
Orchid Health Oakridge Clinic. Joseph Volpi, MD
Specialty Medical Care Women's Care: Melissa Edwards, MD 
Northwest Anesthesia Physicians: Richard Finkelstein, MD
Behavioral Health Looking Glass Community Services: Craig Opperman, CEO
Center for Family Development: David Mikula, Director
Lane County Trillium Behavioral Health: Shana Mart, Program Manager
Human Services: Steve Manela, Division Manager
Public Health  Lane County Public Health: Patrick Luedtke, MD
Long Term Care Senior and Disabled Services: Emily Farrell, Director
Community Advisory Council Chris Parra, Bethel School District Superintendent
Consumer: Caitlynn Hatteras
Rural Advisory Council CASA: Heather Murphy
Housing Homes for Good: Jacob Fox, Executive Director
Member at Large Consumer: Tara DaVee

Trillium CCO Board of Directors Meeting Minutes