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Trillium CCO Board of Directors

The Trillium CCO Board provides leadership and governance in the achievement of the Triple Aim: better health, better care and lower cost. Our board members are a diverse group representing every area of healthcare. Trillium board membership goes beyond state requirements, adding more voices to help guide our operations.

Field or Speciality Board Members
Trillium Community Health Plan Chris Ellertson, CEO; Thomas Wuest, MD, CMO
Primary Medical Care Oregon Medical Group: Gary Brandt, MD
Springfield Family Physicians: Mark Meyers, MD
Specialty Medical Care Women's Care: Melissa Edwards, MD 
Northwest Anesthesia Physicians: Richard Finkelstein, MD
Hospitals McKenzie Willamette Hospital: David Elgarico, CEO of McKenzie Willamette
Behavioral Health Looking Glass Community Services: Craig Opperman, CEO
Center for Family Development: David Mikula, Director
Lane County Health and Human Services: Karen Gaffney, Director 
Trillium Behavioral Health: Dr. Lisa Roth, DSW, Program Manager
Public Health  Lane County Public Health: Patrick Luedtke, MD
Oral Health Willamette Dental Group: Matthew Sinnott, Dir. Govt. Affairs & Contract Mgmt.
Long Term Care Senior and Disabled Services: Emily Farrell, Director
Community Advisory Council Community Leader: Gustavo Balderas, Superintendent Eugene 4J School District
Consumer: Tara DaVee 
Consumer: Caitlynn Hatteras
Rural Advisory Council PeaceHarbor Medical Center: Heather Murphy
Housing Homes for Good: Jacob Fox, Executive Director

Trillium CCO Board of Directors Meeting Minutes