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June is Headache Awareness Month

Date: 06/01/19

Do your headaches disrupt your day? It may be time to talk to a doctor. Try some of these prevention tips in the meantime.

  1. Drink water. Develop a routine. Drink at least eight 12-oz. glasses each day. Put reminders on your calendar or set your phone alarm. Keep a water bottle handy and bring it with you to meetings and on routine outings. Drinking enough water not only helps stop headaches but also combats fatigue, prevents muscle cramps and keeps skin hydrated and glowing.
  2. Rest up. Follow a schedule. Make sure you’re getting at least six to eight hours of sleep every night. This includes weekends! Establishing a sleeping pattern helps repair and replenish your body. This balance can limit headache pain.
  3. Tame triggers. Keep a journal or diary on your headaches to discover what could be causing them. When did the pain begin? What started it? How long did it last? What helped ease it? Of course, there are unavoidable triggers like pollen, changes in barometric pressure and humid weather. Take special care with what you can control, like food and household triggers.
  4. Exercise. Take up an activity. Trying walking, jogging or cycling. These activate your muscles and increase blood flow to lower your chances of a headache. Regular exercise also prevents heart disease, cancer and stroke.
  5. Cut caffeine. Caffeine is powerful. It can give you a boost of energy and increase alertness. But, it can also cause headaches. Limit your intake of coffee, tea and soda. Try sticking to one caffeinated drink a day. Or you can make your cup half-caf, half-decaf. It’s the same great taste but with half the caffeine!