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Trillium Invests in Tri-County Community Health Programs

Date: 03/11/22

Trillium Community Health Plan invests in the health of the communities where we live, work and serve.

Trillium’s North Community Advisory Council (CAC) represents Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. The North CAC gives feedback to Trillium leadership on how to make healthcare better.

Recently, the North CAC heard a presentation about each county’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). CHIPs are action plans for how to improve health for everyone in our local communities.

The North CAC has representatives from each county. Trillium asked them to suggest ways we could help support their CHIPs. Based on their suggestions, Trillium made these investments in community health.

The CAC provided feedback on these investments at their February 24, 2022 meeting.

Childcare for All Task Force - $20,000
Clackamas County
This task force is exploring ways to better support childcare providers. The task force will also look at how to increase the number of providers who speak a language other than English.
View the Clackamas County CHIP (PDF)

Healthy Birth Initiative - $45,000
Multnomah County
The Healthy Birth Initiative provides support to pregnant African American women and their families before and after birth. Services include breastfeeding support, transportation (rides), classes and more.
Learn more about Healthy Birth Initiative

Community Education Campaign - $30,000
Washington County
This campaign focuses on substance use. The campaign will let people know how treatment can help. It will also share information about the new Center for Addictions Triage and Treatment.
View the Washington County CHIP (PDF)