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Trillium and Rockwood CDC Partnership Increases Access to Culturally Specific Food in Local Communities

Date: 02/07/22

In 2021 Trillium provided a grant to the Rockwood Community Development Corporation to purchase culturally specific food items for the Muslim and Latinx communities.

After 7 years of 3 separate attempts, Rockwood successfully hosted a 20-week BIPOC led and BIPOC farmer vendor market called “The People’s Market” during the 2021 market season. 

Trillium funding provided 41 participant households with $15 coupons over the 20 weeks of the market. Twenty-five households repeated two or more times during the 20 weeks. 

Rockwood is hosting one of the first multiculturally led emergency food distribution pantries. The pantry successfully operated from November 4, 2021 to December 31, 2021, and will continue in 2022. Ricardo M. Diaz (Spanish) served 812 individuals; Play Grow Learn (African American) served 456 individuals; and Arise and Shine (Swahili speaking) served 466 individuals. Trillium funding provided culturally specific requests.

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