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In-Network Care

A Network That Provides Seamless COVID-19 Care for Your Patients

The COVID-19 global pandemic has created unprecedented changes to our lives and healthcare systems. While we continue to connect our members to COVID-19 services, we wanted to reach out to our provider partners on how we can work together to better support their care needs.

As a primary care physician (PCP), you are at the heart of our members’ healthcare. They trust and rely on you to help them access appropriate, affordable, coordinated care from the right providers, at the right time. If you refer our members to an out-of-network provider – or send their test specimens to a non-participating laboratory – they could be responsible for the out-of-network charges according to their benefits. These costs can quickly add up, especially for patients who do not have out-of-network benefits.

You can help your patients avoid this and keep their medical costs down by referring them to providers within their Trillium Community Health Plan network, as denoted on their Member ID card. Understanding it can sometimes be challenging to navigate multiple payor networks to connect patients to appropriate in-network providers and facilities, we want to share two easy methods for you to access this information quickly:

  • Search In-Network Providers Online. Our provider directory offers the current list of our in-network providers. You can also access this tool via our provider portal
  • Call your Provider Services Representative at 1-877-600-5472. They can help you quickly identify in-network specialists and labs. 

Thank you for your continued partnership during this time of heightened concern. If you have any questions regarding our networks, please contact Provider Services at 1-877-600-5472.