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Coronavirus In-Home Care Services


Coronavirus disease was identified in 2019 as an emerging illness. In the past few years, we have learned a great deal about treatment options, how the virus works, and the total impact of the illness. New information, obtained daily, will further inform the risk assessment, treatment options and next steps.

Guidance for Providing In-Home Care

We always rely on our provider partners to ensure the health of our members, and we also want to ensure your own wellness as you conduct necessary care visits. To that end, we would like to share some guidance and available resources to help you provide any in-home care for your patients during this time of heightened concern.

Ensure continuity of care to our members while following proper health and safety protocols when making home visits. This includes frequently washing your hands and utilizing sanitation supplies, following contact precautions, and wearing personal protective equipment when necessary.

Be aware of and follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 guidance for healthcare providers, including the specific guidance for providing in-home care.

Be alert for those who meet the criteria for persons under investigation for COVID-19 and know how to coordinate laboratory testing.

Review your company’s infection prevention and control policies, and ensure you have proper protocols in place in the event of any coronavirus-related exposure or emergencies.

Ensure your organization has developed action plans that address the following:

  • Actions that will be taken in order to reduce the risk of workforce shortages.
  • How to provide acute and primary medical resources that continue to meet members’ needs.

Follow any direction and guidance from relevant local and/or state health departments and agencies. Know how to report a potential COVID-19 case or exposure to facility infection control leads and public health officials.  Contact your local or state health department healthcare providers in the event of a person under investigation for COVID-19.

Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization for the most up-to-date recommendations about COVID-19, including signs and symptoms, diagnostic testing, and treatment information.


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