Advance Directive

If you are an adult, you have the right to know about all your health care choices. You can say no if you do not want what your doctor says is best. But if you have a serious sickness or are suddenly hurt, you may not be able to say what you want. Then your relatives would have to speak for you.

Oregon has a law that lets you say what you would want the doctor to do before you get very sick or hurt. The papers that tell your choices are called an Advance Directive. The Advance Directive lets you tell health care workers what they should do if you cannot speak to them. The Advance Directive lets you tell your doctor to stop life-saving help if you are near death.

Filling out the Advance Directive is your choice. If you do not fill out and sign the Advance Directive form, it will not change your health plan coverage and you can still see a doctor.

If you need help you can talk to your doctor or call Trillium Member Services. We can be reached at 1-877-600-5472 (TTY: 711). If your directive is not being followed, you may file a complaint.

To learn more, view the Advance Directive Forms from OHA.