Member Connection Representatives

What are Member Connection Representatives (MCRs)? 

Member Connection Representatives (MCRs) are Community Health Workers, who are certified in the State of Oregon and who work for Trillium. 

MCRs can help connect members to needed services. MCRs can help you access your benefits and make medical appointments. They can also coordinate social needs like housing and food. They may connect you to community resources. 

The MCRs work closely with your primary care medical home and internal Trillium team. They can meet with you through the telephone, video or at your home. They can help things like how to remember to take your medication on time. They can also help with applications for housing or heating assistance or finding needed items through social systems. MCRs can offer health coaching for diabetes and asthma. 

MCRs are very resourceful and know their community. If you would like to work with an MCR, please call 1-877-600-5472 and ask for a Member Connections Representative.