Traditional Health Workers

What if I need help from a Doula, Peer Support Specialist, Peer Wellness Specialist, Personal Health Navigator or Community Health Worker?

Traditional Health Workers (THWs) help people in their communities, providing physical and behavioral health services. There are five traditional health worker types that Trillium covers and provides member access to, which will support your unique needs:

  • A (Birth) Doula is a birth person who provides personal, nonmedical support to women and families during a woman's pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum.
  • A Peer Support Specialist is any [range of] people who provide support to a current or former user of mental health or addiction treatment.
  • A Peer Wellness Specialist is a person who has lived experience with a psychiatric (mental health) condition(s) plus thorough training, who works as part of a person-driven, health home team, using behavioral health and primary care to assist and advocate for people in achieving well-being.
  • A Personal Health Navigator is a person who provides information, help, tools, and support to allow a patient to make the best health care decisions.
  • A Community Health Worker is a frontline public health worker who is a trusted member of and/or has a good knowledge of the community served.

Our THW Liaison (point person) is Kristinia Rogers. If you would like access to a THW, please call 1-877-600-5472 and/or send a request to and we will connect you with a group or person who can help with your needs.